Diplomats are the most affluent and free spending group in New York City andWashington, D.C. They also constitute one of the largest and most important industries. This is no surprise in that the members of the diplomatic community assigned to posts in New York and Washington are the most senior, influential and well compensated officials in each country's diplomatic delegation.

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Audience Characteristics
• High Disposable Income
• Frequent Travel
• Frequent Dining, & Entertaining
• Trend Setters in Their Respective Countries

The Official Diplomatic Directory is delivered to
the personnel of:
• United Nations Missions (185 delegations)
• United Nations Agencies
• Foreign Consulates in New York (96 delegations)
• Embassies in Washington
• Non-Governmental Agencies
• (ie: World Bank, WHO, IMF)
• Major Hotel Concierge Desks
The Official Diplomatic Directory is used as:
• A reference source for internal listings of the
diplomatic community.
• A referral source of various goods and services for
diplomats, foreign travelers and international
business people.
• A guide to New York and Washington information
relevant to the diplomatic community.

Added Value Promotions
• Advertisements directed to specific delegations
• Internet presence for advertisers
• Coupon booklets distributed to diplomats
• Editorial to enhance ad message
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